Dr. Robert Nettles was predestined to be the inventor of the first treatment for androgenic alopecia that can support its success claim with a money back guarantee.  

At a young age, he saw first his  father, then older brothers thin, then go bald.  Seeing a similar future for himself, he started to research genetic inheritance patterns and DNA which led to medical school followed by specialized training in all facets of hair restoration, including working alongside pioneers of the FUE method.  

He soon realized that transplants do not stop the progress of hair loss and had an AHA moment when discovering that just as we now understand the good and bad types of cholesterol, so testosterone also has good and bad components and that the ratio between them would lead to his ultimate discovery of precision medicine.

Precision medicines based on DNA are at the forefront of medical innovation in every aspect of healthcare. Dr Nettles creates the precise medical solution that restores healthy balance and optimizes individual chemistry based on each person’s unique DNA, thereby stopping hair loss and regrowing thin hair.   

During development of his hair loss treatment, Dr Nettles also discovered that chemical imbalances within the body are also responsible in many cases for: fatigue, lack of energy, trouble sleeping, lack of libido. low drive, difficulty building muscle, weight gain and age related diseases. Re-balancing your chemistry with precision medicine will improve both your symptoms and quality of life.


Another example of his unique ability to see and develop new solutions to existing problems came when he suffered a serious motorcycle accident on vacation in Asia. The accident left his skin and nose notably deformed. After numerous consultations, Dr. Nettles was told that his only options for restoration involved painful and complicated surgeries. Undeterred, Dr. Nettles set out to discover efficient techniques for aesthetic restoration that did not require surgery.

The result of this was his pioneering of the non-surgical rhinoplasty. His first patient was himself, and his first task was correcting his own nasal issues with a nonsurgical rhinoplasty procedure. The results, according to Dr. Nettles, were “like magic.”  

Since that first surgery, Dr. Nettles has developed and trademarked several different treatment options for correcting issues like baggy eyelids, poor eyelash growth, deep furrows and wrinkles, misshapen chins and noses, even skin rejuvenation and his miraculous wound healing gel - SkinQD


Dr Nettles has degrees in medicine, hair loss surgery, genetics, biochemistry (AACS, A4M, ISHRS, MD) and a masters in behavior.  

He attended the University of Alabama for both his undergraduate and medical degrees. His residency was completed at St. Vincent’s Medical Center, where he trained alongside renowned surgeon Dr. Robert Halpern.  His training continued under the expert guidance of Dr. Robert Elliott.  Now a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and many other medical academies and societies, Dr. Nettles is uniquely suited to offer transformative treatment options to his patients.

You may have seen him on Good Day LA, NBC, Bravo, the Discovery Channel, and the Style Network speaking about the Nettles Method—the modern, unique, and highly effective non-surgical facial restoration procedure. 
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