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After a motorcycle accident in Thailand requiring over 100 stitches to piece together his face, Dr Nettles was left with scars, a broken nose and multiple facial deformities. He drew on the skill sets acquired through his years of training and practice as his tools to innovate a new field of medicine appropriately termed: Facial Cosmetic and Reconstructive Anti Aging Derma Surgery and the Nettles Non-Surgical procedures were born.

His research in developing and honing these techniques led him to Da Vinci’s work with facial proportions (which make the bedrock of the foundation for his work). Dr Nettles face practice now focuses primarily on the repair of traumatic cases (trauma, burns or domestic abuse) and revision of previous surgical procedures.

The benefits of Dr Nettles’ non-surgical approach are the best outcome: natural looking, instant, no down time, and best results. If you don’t love it, you can melt it away and you don’t have to keep it. If you love it, you can choose to maintain it and gradually move to more permanent fillers. 

You have control of how you exist in this physical world.  You now have the opportunity with the Nettles non-surgical procedures to create the best version of yourself.


Individual facial features play their own role in overall beauty. However the nose has always been favored for change in cosmetic medicine. Aesthetic change is wonderful if the results look natural and are in balance with the other features. With that in mind Dr. Nettles reached beyond the traditional when he pioneered the non-surgical rhinoplasty.

Non –surgical rhinoplasty is performed in less than an hour and requires no cutting, no suturing, no bruising and no hospital stay. Most patients have minimal swelling and look great within a few days.
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cheek augmentation will fillers
Non surgical cheek augmentation


Dr. Nettles provides non-surgical cheek augmentation treatments that allow patients to improve the symmetry and balance of their faces, and enable women to achieve a facial shape closer to a heart. After carefully assessing the angles of your face, Dr. Nettles can naturally shape the cheeks and the chin in order to create the perfect heart-shape for your unique face.

Your cheeks can be naturally shaped and sculpted in a comfortable and sterile spa room, where you will experience no pain, and only minimal swelling. These non-invasive, non-surgical techniques enhance the shape of the cheeks without causing bruising and without requiring any downtime whatsoever. The results of the treatment last between one and two years.


a strong chin can actually transform the appearance of your entire face? Many individuals assume that they need nose work or a face lift when the real issue is an underwhelming chin. Now, imagine getting a striking and beautiful chin without any surgery required! Dr. Nettles can help you accomplish this.

Non-surgical chin augmentation uses soft tissue fillers and allows precise placement to augment and reshape the chin line. Dr. Nettles’ understanding that every face is different and the shape and size of the chin depends upon how they will look from every angle.

The fillers allow flexibility for more aesthecially pleasing results that were never possible with past surgical implants.
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Sagging eyelids, excessive eyelid folding, and bags beneath the eyes contribute to a tired and worn out appearance. You can banish this appearance forever without any surgery, cutting, suturing, or recovery time in a hospital. Dr. Nettles’ eyelid “surgery” takes less than an hour from start to finish.

every year over 100,000 women and men choose blepharoplasty in their quest to look younger. Dr. Nettles is the pioneer of the Non-Surgical Blepharoplasty. His scientific mind coupled with his training in microscopic vitreo-retinal surgery and his artistic nature permitted him to realize that the traditional blepharoplasty created seventy years earlier needed refinement in both aesthetics and structure.

Dr. Nettles’ proprietary Non-Surgical Blepharoplasty addresses the issues of the orbital fat pad herniation as well as the sunken hollowness caused by bone erosion that creates that tired, sad appearance to reveal a more youthful fullness radiating with beauty.

Non-surgical blepharoplasty is performed in less than an hour and requires no cutting, no suturing and no hospital stay. Most patients have minimal swelling, slight bruising and look great within a few days.


Deep frown lines on the lower face are caused by reduced elasticity in the skin. With the use of specially designed and formulated fillers, Dr. Nettles is able to rejuvenate the skin on the lower face and reconstruct trouble spots without surgery.  The finished appearance is very natural-looking.

As we age, the breakdown of collagen and bone loss from the central face causes deep folds to form which run from the side of the nose to the corner of the upper lip, they are known as naso-labial folds and usually go hand in hand with marionette lines at the lower corners of the mouth.

Lower Face Augmentation and Reconstruction specifically addresses what some refer to as their angry look. Dr. Nettles uses fillers to refresh the lower face.  His artistic eye and innovative approach creates smoother, firmer skin.  A lower face that’s firmer and fuller, rather than tight and taut is a well-chosen rejuvenation.

As patients discover that aesthetic rejuvenation and reconstruction is not about looking different, but looking refreshed the appeal of non-surgical aesthetic change is even more inviting.
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Wishing for full, sensuous lips? Tired of sagging corners or unsightly lip lines? Dr. Nettles can enhance your lips in a natural and attractive way, making you look years younger.

Along with creating fuller lips, Dr Nettles can eliminate vertical lines and drooping corners. The end result will be fuller, younger looking lips with a natural appearance.


Tired of worry lines, forehead creases, crows’ feet, furrows, folds, wrinkles, and sagging skin? With Dr. Nettles liquid face lift treatment options, you’ll look years younger in a matter of minutes.

The non-surgical face-lift, often known as the liquid lift or lunchtime lift, because of the fast treatment and recovery times, provides a refined approach to facial rejuvenation.  

Dr Nettles injects the underlying muscles of the lower face close to the jaw-line to cancel the downward pull of the skin giving way to “lifted” cheeks and jowls. By strategically injecting above the temple, the brows and cheeks lift as the effectual result contracts the muscles placing the skins surface back in place… and a non-invasive face-lift is delivered!

“The Liquid Lift” creates a tighter, firmer, younger face, with a smooth pore-free surface that reduces the oil factor and a whole-day-powdered look is born.
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