In the 1640's we lived to the age of 40.  In 1860 we lived until 60.  In the 1980's we lived to be 80.  We now have the first generations with expectations of living beyond 100 years of age.  The question is what actions can we take today in our 20's to 40's to ensure our quality of life past 80 years of age. No-one wants to live twenty plus years bedridden or in a wheelchair.

Our bodies start to break down as we age.  If we live long enough there are aging diseases such as osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, cancer, arthritis, dementia, cataracts, erectile dysfunction, etc.  But what if we could prevent many of these diseases and maintain youthful vitality of our bodies and minds right throughout our lives?

Now you can!  Dr Nettles study of human chemistry and biology has led to his discovery of human chemical balance and how to maintain it. The hormones within our bodies are the oils that keep everything running,  Just like your car, topping off these oils will provide you with trouble free driving through your daily life.  For some people genetics play into this as well providing us with bodies that may have less than optimal or out of balance levels to begin with.  The aging process exacerbates these imbalances and symptoms develop.

Hormone Therapy

Decrease body fat
Increase skin elasticity
Increase muscle strength
Reduce cardiovascular disease & osteoporosis
Improve sense of well-being
Reduce cell and organ aging
Improve cognitive function
Sleep better

Optimization Program

Less fat, more muscle
Increase metabolism
Stronger bones
Sleep better
Healthy heart and blood
Increase libido
Increased energy & endurance
Improved verbal memory and thinking ability

Hair Loss Reversal

Genetic & DNA Analysis
Stop your cause of hair loss
Precision medicine
FDA Approved active ingredients
Only The Actives - no preservatives or harsh chemicals
Regrow your own hair naturally

B12 Injections

Boost energy
Reduce depression
Help metabolize proteins
Good for brain health
Promotes healthy skin & nails
Help with cholesterol
Help prevent stroke
Help blood pressure
​​​​​​​Makes hair healthier

Facial Collagenesis

Stimulates facial collagen generation by your own cells
Maintain youthful face no surgery

Dysport / Botox

Prevent lines/wrinkles forming in facial upper third


Skin exfoliation
Increase skincare absorption
Smooth make-up application
Faster skin cell turnover
Soft dewy skin
No downtime

Lactic Peel Facials

Skin exfoliation
Increase skincare absorption
Smooth make-up application
Faster skin cell turnover
Soft dewy skin
No downtime

Non-Surgical Facial Enhancement

Non-surgical rhinoplasty
Non-surgical blepharoplasty
Cheek augmentation
Chin augmentation
Naso labial folds
Lip augmentation
Liquid facelift

Weight Loss

HCG Diet
Medically controlled weightloss
Nutrition education
Improved food relationship
Creation of new weight set point
Long term weight maintenance
Coaching and support

Acne Treatment

Skin exfoliation
Skin resurfacing
LED oxygen therapy
Deep cleansing
Skin healing

Deep Peels

Skin resurfacing
Dark spots removal
Fine lines erased
Skin firming
Acne scars improvement
Melasma control
Sun damage improvement


We pride ourselves on being the best at what we do.  Helping you become your best self is our goal.  Whether you are looking to lose weight, regain energy, regrow your hair or rejuvenate your skin, we are here to help and no question is ever to silly to ask.

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